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White Cat Names

If you're in need of refreshingly inventive names for your white cat this is the page for you! 

We have more than 140 names for your pet that are as crisp and cool as bright new snow and as fresh and clean as an apple blossom.

After all, your dazzling feline deserves a name that is as gorgeous as he or she is because there are few things as visually stunning as a cat with a short or a long white coat, and a name that is out of the ordinary is definitely in order.

The list below covers all different kinds of white names and meanings; from things that are cream colored, like a "Creampuff" to almost clear like an "Icicle."

So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance.

List of Cat Names For White Cats

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User Submitted White Cat Names

clole THE CAT 09.21.2015 For the cat name clole I was going to call my cat Cole, but it was too dumb so I called it clole. More about clole
Snow or Yuki 09.03.2015 For the cat name Yuki From Japanese 幸 "happiness" or 雪 "snow". More about Yuki
My baby girl 08.27.2015 For the cat name Mary Holly Autumn Causey My baby girl was half named after me, putting Mary and Causey into her name. Autumn is my favorite season so of course that had to be put in as a middle name. I don't remember how I came up with... More about Mary Holly Autumn Causey
wolfie 08.22.2015 For the cat name Wolfie because my cat acts like a wolf she hunts for deer at the forest preserve. More about Wolfie
Baci 06.12.2015 For the cat name Baci Baci means Kisses in Italian and she I adorably cuddly. she is a very small kitten that loves food. More about Baci
Irresistibly Colorful 06.06.2015 For the cat name Furrypaws He has furry cute paws More about Furrypaws
Three Little Kitties 05.14.2015 For the cat name Tucker "Tucker" is the name of the black/white male tuxedo cat that "adopted me." I figured Tucker was a great name for a tuxedo cat. I have two others -- "Ben" who is a Russian Blue that I adopted from... More about Tucker
Our cat Snowbawb 04.24.2015 For the cat name Snowbawb Well, it all started when my moms ex-boyfriend complained that we didn't name any of the cats "Bob"... So my mom said,"Fine we can name one with the name Bob in it." So We ended up naming 1 of the 4... More about Snowbawb