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Recently Added Cat Names

Cat's Name Photo The Story Behind the Name
Spunky How I got Spunky

He and his sibling showed up in the back of the yard one morning. The mother cat brought him a sparrow and he ate all but a few feathers so I knew there were hungry cats in my backyard. We live on the edge of a ridge so there are wild acres behind our fence. I took out a bowl of cat food and he ate that. I peeked into the hedge and saw 2 tabby cats who looked very alike, with one slightly smaller.
The next day he came to the backyard and at the back of the house called very loudly like he was hungry.
I took out food and this time he ran to see me instead of running away. He stayed and eventually became a garage cat and then a house cat. I said that he had a lot of spunk to demand that we take him in and keep him. We had him about 16 years.

Ms.Kitty My sisters Doll

My sister has a doll and its name is kitty kitty meow meow so I thought Ms.Kitty would be a good name for a cat.

Beamer Beamer

Just a cute little boy tuxedo. A shelter cat rescued and loves everyone.

Vona Vona, the Icelandic word for Hope

Vona is the Icelandic word for Hope. I found a stray cat that was missing all of her fur and she pulled through. She is a miracle.

Gigi Ginger Kitty "Gigi"

When we picked her up from the pound, my sister was only 1 year old and she couldn't say "Ginger", so she called the cat "Gigi". The name stuck with me so our cat's name is Gigi.

Fergus we are getting a little ginger boy in a couple of weeks

we wanted a name that wasn't common but not so unusual and easy to prounce

Arashi Always on the move

He's the most adorable and friendly cat, but never stops moving. He jumps on everything and tries to play with the other cats and dogs in the house, but only ends up annoying them. He never stops running, jumping, pouncing and exploring.

He's a black smoke tabby and with his temperament the name came quite easily. He;s called Arashi, which means storm in Japanese.

Kiko Kiko kiko

My kiko was a stray. It took me 8 months to get him to come near me to eat. When He didn't show up I would call kitty kitty. When he finally came I would always say oh, in relief that he was okay. This his name kiko! He was deserving of a name instead of just Kurt kitty. I love him. I am so happy to have saved him. He lives comfortable in doors with his family.

D.J. Meow D.J. Meow

My beautiful persian rescue cat, D.J. Meow lost his battle with kidney disease and diabetes on February 4, 2017. When he drank water, he would move his right paw back and forth like he was scratching a record. I really miss him.

Zen My Zen baby

I found a kitten who was very under weight and just needed a good home to start his life. I cleaned him up, fed him, and just loved on him. That night I noticed he was just so sweet and laid back, he rolls over wanting you to rub his belly. He keeps you calm and focused. First name that came to mind was Zen. He's just so peaceful and full of love!

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