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Unusual Cat Names

Certain cats are just more unusual than others. It can be because they look unlike other cats in their coloring, overall appearance, their behavior, personality, the texture of their fur, or it could be many other reasons. 

The point is, many people would like an unusual name to go with their atypical cat or kitten and on this page of the site we can help you out. Especially if you're searching for names with meanings or just want something that is perfect to call your favorite oddball!

Like the cat named "Pip". As a kitten he was found in a library bin sleeping on the book "Great Expectations". Because he too was an orphan boy, the name "Pip" just seemed to fit.

In some cases it could be said that every pet, cat, kitten or other is in some way unusual, but for those that are spectacularly so, the following free names should help you find and choose a name for your quirky furry feline friend!

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List of Unusual Cat Names

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User Submitted Unusual Cat Names

The Great Catsby 05.16.2015 For the cat name Catsby (The Great) Inspired by the book by Fitzgerald; The Great Gatsby. More about Catsby (The Great)
Our Feral Kitten 05.15.2015 For the cat name Cleocatra We have several feral cats and many more abandoned cats in our neighborhood. My neighbor and I took it upon our self to catch the kittens and find homes for them and to also catch all the feral ad... More about Cleocatra
Orphan black 05.06.2015 For the cat name Kasima This is my favorite character off the british t.v. show Orphan Black. More about Kasima
Targaryen Lord of DRAGONS is born 04.28.2015 For the cat name Targaryen His full name is Targaryen Weebles Monroe. My finance and I are really into Game of Thrones and we just got our little guy. We were throwing names around and the our guy angled his head a certain... More about Targaryen
The Story of Doe 04.26.2015 For the cat name Doe I found this litle blue Manx outside my office building where there was a homeless encampment. Most nonplussed cat given the circumstances. Once in our house, she moved in the slow graceful way like... More about Doe
Cat Street 04.26.2015 For the cat name Soto Every time we would drive along Interstate 5 in Los Angeles we would pass an offramp named Soto Street hubby would remark how much he liked the name. Th=e street is named for a historical figure in... More about Soto
Our cat Snowbawb 04.24.2015 For the cat name Snowbawb Well, it all started when my moms ex-boyfriend complained that we didn't name any of the cats "Bob"... So my mom said,"Fine we can name one with the name Bob in it." So We ended up naming 1 of the 4... More about Snowbawb
My cat Meword 04.19.2015 For the cat name Meword Our cat was mewing and we joked that she had "Mew words",and it stuck. More about Meword