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Unusual Cat Names

Certain cats are just more unusual than others. It can be because they look unlike other cats in their coloring, overall appearance, their behavior, personality, the texture of their fur, or it could be many other reasons. 

The point is, many people would like an unusual name to go with their atypical cat or kitten and on this page of the site we can help you out. Especially if you're searching for names with meanings or just want something that is perfect to call your favorite oddball!

Like the cat named "Pip". As a kitten he was found in a library bin sleeping on the book "Great Expectations". Because he too was an orphan boy, the name "Pip" just seemed to fit.

In some cases it could be said that every pet, cat, kitten or other is in some way unusual, but for those that are spectacularly so, the following free names should help you find and choose a name for your quirky furry feline friend!

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List of Unusual Cat Names

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User Submitted Unusual Cat Names

clole THE CAT 09.21.2015 For the cat name clole I was going to call my cat Cole, but it was too dumb so I called it clole. More about clole
Crazy Gizmo 09.19.2015 For the cat name Gizmo Just like Gizmo the friendly gremlin in the movie Gremlins, whenever we would take a picture of him his eyes would light up! He also gets very crazy when he's hungry or in a mood, running around the... More about Gizmo
"Freddy" 09.06.2015 For the cat name Freddy Ok so, my cats name is Freddy. He is a little black kitten and we love him a lot. We didn't choose out the name, the pet store that we purchased him from did. We loved the name so much that we... More about Freddy
Cheetah's Name 09.05.2015 For the cat name Sita The cat name "Sita" is my own cat's name. It's a female cat name and I got it from the movie, African Cats, and the cheetah was called Sita. The name sounded interesting to me so I used it. More about Sita
Snow or Yuki 09.03.2015 For the cat name Yuki From Japanese 幸 "happiness" or 雪 "snow". More about Yuki
Buckle - hip dysplasia 08.30.2015 For the cat name Buckle Buckle has hip dysplasia,which causes an odd gait on his rear legs - hence being slightly buckled. More about Buckle
My baby girl 08.27.2015 For the cat name Mary Holly Autumn Causey My baby girl was half named after me, putting Mary and Causey into her name. Autumn is my favorite season so of course that had to be put in as a middle name. I don't remember how I came up with... More about Mary Holly Autumn Causey
My best friend who was a cat 08.26.2015 For the cat name Koda My family and I when I was just three, name my new kitten Koda because of how she was always there for you even though she didn't want to be there. Koda was there when my sister's gerbil died and she... More about Koda