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Unusual Cat Names

Certain cats are just more unusual than others. It can be because they look unlike other cats in their coloring, overall appearance, their behavior, personality, the texture of their fur, or it could be many other reasons. 

The point is, many people would like an unusual name to go with their atypical cat or kitten and on this page of the site we can help you out. Especially if you're searching for names with meanings or just want something that is perfect to call your favorite oddball!

Like the cat named "Pip". As a kitten he was found in a library bin sleeping on the book "Great Expectations". Because he too was an orphan boy, the name "Pip" just seemed to fit.

In some cases it could be said that every pet, cat, kitten or other is in some way unusual, but for those that are spectacularly so, the following free names should help you find and choose a name for your quirky furry feline friend!

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List of Unusual Cat Names

Name + Rate the name
aaamicaa gladys  
abbie dabbie doo  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
Adagio Dodger  
Addison or Addie For short  
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User Submitted Unusual Cat Names

My new Cat Bershka 04.22.2014 For the cat name Bershka I adopted a new Cat and I was looking for a name, i asked my colleagues at work and one of them proposed the name of Bershak. that's it. More about Bershka
He's a hellraiser 04.22.2014 For the cat name Hades Haades is an absolute monkey. Very chatty and very involved in everyone's business. He's a hairless sphynx so he looks pure evil but is the most beautifully natured cat ever. More about Hades
Luna 04.19.2014 For the cat name Luna I like this name for all pets. More about Luna
Pet Shop Story has been buyed. 04.18.2014 For the cat name Panther This cat is very good! Very good loves to cuddle! He likes to eat meat and steak of duck! If her long nobody Neda eat, eating biscuits that really does not like! 8-9 months old and still eats food... More about Panther
From feral to furball 04.18.2014 For the cat name Zombie I came home from work and this little black body was laying on my sidewalk. I thought she had gotten into a cat fight and died. As I approached her, she tried to escape, but she was unable to stand... More about Zombie
Is he really real? 04.18.2014 For the cat name Figment I've wanted a cat for 10 years, I sometimes still think he's a figment of my imagination. I call him Fig for short. More about Figment
The white cat with a crooked tail 04.15.2014 For the cat name Kokonut Kokonut was a stray I found on my window sill curled up on the bricks one day after I cam home from work. She was ill, about 5 lbs, white with caramel splashes on her tail and face, and a crooked... More about Kokonut
Jumbo Shrimp 04.14.2014 For the cat name Captain Jumbo Shrimp I let my husband name her, and he is ridiculous. Everyone laughs when we tell them HER name is Captain Jumbo Shrimp. More about Captain Jumbo Shrimp