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Unusual Cat Names

Certain cats are just more unusual than others. It can be because they look unlike other cats in their coloring, overall appearance, their behavior, personality, the texture of their fur, or it could be many other reasons. 

The point is, many people would like an unusual name to go with their atypical cat or kitten and on this page of the site we can help you out. Especially if you're searching for names with meanings or just want something that is perfect to call your favorite oddball!

Like the cat named "Pip". As a kitten he was found in a library bin sleeping on the book "Great Expectations". Because he too was an orphan boy, the name "Pip" just seemed to fit.

In some cases it could be said that every pet, cat, kitten or other is in some way unusual, but for those that are spectacularly so, the following free names should help you find and choose a name for your quirky furry feline friend!

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List of Unusual Cat Names

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User Submitted Unusual Cat Names

The amazing kitten 01.23.2016 For the cat name Riddick We had 7 kittens at first but 6 of them died and 1 surviver and from the film Riddick he was a great surviver and now our kitten is healthy More about Riddick
Khaleesi 01.07.2016 For the cat name Khaleesi Khaleesi is a name taken from George R.R. Martin's epic book series As Song of Ice and Fire, which was also developed into HBO's hit show A Game of Thrones. Khaleesi is what Daenerys Targaryen is... More about Khaleesi
Kovu...My handsome prince! 12.29.2015 For the cat name kovu Kovu is the lion in Lion King II, who was Kiara's mate & the next king. I named my Siamese cat Kovu because I wanted a sophisticated name, and it suited him because he was my handsome prince! More about kovu
Six 11.26.2015 For the cat name Six I named my sweet cat Six, because that was the year he was born- 2006. He was a kitty with tons of love to give and a huge personality. He was my best friend and will never be forgotten. In mid-... More about Six
Lovely the cat 11.26.2015 For the cat name Lovey She is very loving and sweet. She also loves to play. This name says it all for a sweet and loving cat. More about Lovey
Fusha our baby cat 11.24.2015 For the cat name Fusha My 4 year old nephew picked out the name Fusha, right before he was born. TigerLilly, our cat, had two babies. My nephew gave him the name Fusha. He is the sweetest cat in the world. More about Fusha
Minx 11.15.2015 For the cat name Minx minx means an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman. I love watching old movies. A lot of the times I hear a male calling a young pretty girl a minx. When I adopted my cat, and... More about Minx
Weird name fitting for a weird cat 11.02.2015 For the cat name Catfish My son named our female tuxedo cat. I have no idea why. More about Catfish