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Unusual Cat Names

Certain cats are just more unusual than others. It can be because they look unlike other cats in their coloring, overall appearance, their behavior, personality, the texture of their fur, or it could be many other reasons. 

The point is, many people would like an unusual name to go with their atypical cat or kitten and on this page of the site we can help you out. Especially if you're searching for names with meanings or just want something that is perfect to call your favorite oddball!

Like the cat named "Pip". As a kitten he was found in a library bin sleeping on the book "Great Expectations". Because he too was an orphan boy, the name "Pip" just seemed to fit.

In some cases it could be said that every pet, cat, kitten or other is in some way unusual, but for those that are spectacularly so, the following free names should help you find and choose a name for your quirky furry feline friend!

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List of Unusual Cat Names

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User Submitted Unusual Cat Names

From female Priss to male Prisstopher 02.23.2015 For the cat name Prisstopher We originally thought out cat was a female and "she" would meow all the time until she was picked up. So we called her Priss. When we found out "she" was a "he" we decided on Prisstopher! More about Prisstopher
Amber kitty 02.20.2015 For the cat name Kohaku Japanese for "amber" More about Kohaku
Moshi!! 02.16.2015 For the cat name Moshi i dont know the story behind moshi's name. he was just so cute and i think moshi was the best and cutest name for him! More about Moshi
How I named my kitty. 02.13.2015 For the cat name Klunk I have a kitty. She is black and when I found her, I gave no idea that she was a boy or a girl. So decided to name her after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character, Klunk which is Michelangelo( one... More about Klunk
Adventure 02.12.2015 For the cat name Simba He's Weird also he's named after a guy in the lion king More about Simba
My name is frostbite 02.10.2015 For the cat name Frostbite I am an all black cat with just two lillttle White toes that's why I'm called frostbite More about Frostbite
Cubical Cats, come out tonight 02.05.2015 For the cat name Gateway Feral kitten we rescued and tamed has mostly white body with big black patches/spots on body and head, and a black, somewhat stripey, tail. His biggest spot reminded me of the white and black cow-... More about Gateway
The Regal Cat 02.01.2015 For the cat name Queenie My cat is called Queenie after one of my favourite books, Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson. It suits my cat because she is very elegant and regal. She is happy to lounge around on anything comfy and eats... More about Queenie