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Famous Cat Names

Many cats naturally have some of the finer qualities of distinguished humans. They're graceful, artistic, musical, smart, thoughtful, athletic, dramatic, and incredibly clever and intelligent.

Does your feline pet have the brilliance of a famous person like Einstein, the adventurous spirit of Galileo, or the love of water like Cousteau? Then this page of famous names for baby kittens and older cats is for you.

As you search through the following collection of names and possible meanings of illustrious people, you'll notice that it is by no means complete.

There are so many renowned men and women from different sites and places around the world and through the centuries, but this free list will get you started thinking about possible names for your kitty.

If you're looking for famous cat names from TV, literature, comics, movies, or celebrities go to:  Celebrity Cat Names

List of Cat Names That are Famous

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aaamicaa gladys  
Abby Normal  
Al Capone  
Anakin (skywalker)  
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User Submitted Famous Cat Names

Named for favorite artist 04.18.2014 For the cat name Vincent Van Kat He's an Orange tabby, and Van Gogh was a red head. (With his brother Theo) More about Vincent Van Kat
Help me 04.13.2014 For the cat name Amber I found kittens in a box (stray) and my BFF told me More about Amber
lulu 04.12.2014 For the cat name Lulu my story behind my cat's name is it's not a name you hear a lot and I think it's a special name to. More about Lulu
fans 04.10.2014 For the cat name Vader because we love Star wars More about Vader
Vodka Mewtini 04.01.2014 For the cat name Vodka Mewtini Vodka Mutini (or Mutie for short), is a small, black, four-eyed kitten that Rose Lalonde encountered in the Lab accessed from the tunnel beneath the grave of her former cat, Jaspers, in Act 3 of the... More about Vodka Mewtini
Cinderella cat 03.22.2014 For the cat name lucifer This is the name of the fat black and white cat on the movie Cinderella. More about lucifer
Magical Mr. Mistoffelees 03.10.2014 For the cat name Mr. Mistoffelees We wanted something unique, but also a name that represented the fact that he is a tuxedo cat. We looked into classic names and wanted one that sounded slightly pompous. The shelter named him Elvis... More about Mr. Mistoffelees
cousin 03.04.2014 For the cat name jasley (jas-ley) I called my cousin that and she hated it More about jasley (jas-ley)