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Unique Cat Names

Some cats are "cattier" than others! You know? They are just completely individual. perfect, and original. They like to walk around the house to the beat of their own drum so to speak.

Perhaps it's because he or she is a certain breed, or has a particular temperament or personality, or has completely unpredictable behavior; whatever it is, your cat is going to need a distinctive name. No worries, we have them here on this page of the site.

For example there was an adopted Manx cat that loved to eat his favorite food - ice cream. The name "ice cream" however wasn't a very practical name to call him, so his loving family continued searching for a good name to give him. Then the idea came up for "Gelato", which is Italian for ice cream. It fit the feline while also being distinct. People can be so creative when naming a kitty and so can you.

We hope as you read the unique names below, some of which are friendly and beautiful with their various meanings, help you find, choose, or at least spark some ideas for your particular cat or baby kitten so your pet can have a name that is as uncommon as he or she is!

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List of Cat Names that are Unique

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aaamicaa gladys  
abbie dabbie doo  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
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User Submitted Unique Cat Names

My baby girl 08.27.2015 For the cat name Mary Holly Autumn Causey My baby girl was half named after me, putting Mary and Causey into her name. Autumn is my favorite season so of course that had to be put in as a middle name. I don't remember how I came up with... More about Mary Holly Autumn Causey
My best friend who was a cat 08.26.2015 For the cat name Koda My family and I when I was just three, name my new kitten Koda because of how she was always there for you even though she didn't want to be there. Koda was there when my sister's gerbil died and she... More about Koda
Chauncey the king of cats. 08.13.2015 For the cat name Chauncey Chauncey was the best cat ever. Black and white tuxedo cat.He lived to be 23 1/2 years old..I miss him dearly! ! More about Chauncey
we got her at the Marian when she was a kitten 08.03.2015 For the cat name mystic SHE'S CUTE, SHE'S GREY, IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!! More about mystic
Hennessy Black 07.31.2015 For the cat name Hennessy Hennessy is an Irish surname. My parents' cat was named Guinness (because of his Siamese colouring resembling the drink) so I was looking for a name to tie in my new black kitten with him...so I... More about Hennessy
Stumpy's story 07.28.2015 For the cat name Stumpy we had 2 cats and they had 2 kittens but once they had there kittens we realised they'd gone so then we named the 2 kittens we took them out their cat bed and realised one had no tail! so thats how... More about Stumpy
Slash the cat 07.14.2015 For the cat name Slashers She was born all black with one orange strip between her eyes so I started calling her slash and then it just stuck with her now she just had 4 beautiful baby's with my orange tabby cat . More about Slashers
Bandit by name and Bandit by nature 07.09.2015 For the cat name Bandit Bandit lived up to his name - He had personality, charm and if a cat can have it wit. He was black and white and it looked like he wore a mask. His best 'Banditism' was to steal a fish off my... More about Bandit