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Persian Cat Names

The Persian is one of the oldest cats in existence, with records dating back to times of Pharaohs in Egypt. It is generally believed though that the feline originated in Persia, now known as Iran.

Over the years, through selected breeding the appearance of Persian cats has changed quite a bit from the time when they were first introduced to the rest of the world. 

Their traditional doll face has been developed into a shortened muzzle and flattened high nose. The Coat has become thicker and long with a variety of colors and patterns including silver, gold, tabby, solid and bicolors.

Persian cats are noted for their gentle temperament and the ease with which they adjust to new environments, making them ideal pets to show. They are quiet and, although not shy, tend to be undemonstrative. They are quite loving and affectionate and make wonderful companions.

Below we have listed a variety of names for Persian cats that can be used for older cats, kittens, males and females alike. As with so many pages on this site, we haven't been able to list all the possible names for Persian cats, but we are adding all the time!

List of Cat Names For Persian Cats

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User Submitted Persian Cat Names

Gamzee 06.23.2014 For the cat name Gamzee !--break--> So, um, my cat Gamzee he's dead first of all (he was really sick) but anyways my sibling decided to name him Gamzee because there's a webicon that they really like called "Homestuck"... More about Gamzee
Persian prince 06.05.2014 For the cat name Xerxes My cat Xerxes was named after the Persian Prince because he is a Persian cat. More about Xerxes
rosie 06.05.2014 For the cat name Rosie this is my gorgeous flame point himalayan cross persian kitten named rosie! and it suits her to a tee! she is the most delicate little flower and we love her lots! More about Rosie
GERG 05.22.2014 For the cat name Gergis Her name is Bella but we like to call her Gergis :) full copywrited to me More about Gergis
About my cat 05.17.2014 For the cat name Tigher Hey my cat is a good cat and my cat More about Tigher
Abby 05.11.2014 For the cat name abby My cats name is Abby and she is a great cat More about abby
Dinah♥︎ 04.29.2014 For the cat name Dinah We'll we thought our kitty was a girl but one day "POP!!!" We saw something.... More about Dinah
Luna 04.19.2014 For the cat name Luna I like this name for all pets. More about Luna