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Male Kitten Names

All kittens have quirky antics that put them into a category all by themselves and are sometimes too funny for words. But having now chosen a kitty that is male, well, you now have a cat that is more naturally receptive to new things.

New toys will be quickly investigated, different sites in the house and yard will not be off limits, and they tend to enjoy boisterous games. For example, does your feline friend have a more than passing interest in yarn balls, cardboard boxes, or high places like shelves or the tops of scratching posts?

Choosing a good name for these high-flyers can pretty easy because sometimes a name is naturally apparent, but if you need some help naming your plucky male, we have dozens of free names listed below to help your search go more smoothly. 

After all, we need to remember that the names we pick are avenues to show our feelings and our bonds with our animals. They also are symbols and meanings of trust between human and pet. So view the names and choose carefully because the name you choose will say a lot about both you and your new boy for a long time to come!

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List of Cat Names For Male Kittens

Name + Rate the name
Abner   403
Adolphus   319
Alexander   322
Aloishious   220
Andy   199
Anton   140
Arnie   109
Ashley   154
Banjo   108
Bart   107
Bongo   99
Cadbury   77
Carleton   60
Cassidy   72
Cedric   81
Chance   100
Chipper   70
Clarence   67
Cody   116
Colombo   68
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