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Male Cat Names

Believe it or not, but often a cat's name tells us more about their owner than about the cat itself. For example, if you're a sports fan, and want something original, your boy cat may be named Yogi, after Yogi Berra the great baseball manager personality, or Nacho because that's your favorite food. 

That's the challenge of naming a cat, or any pet for that matter, because the possibilities and meanings are limitless. A name can express not only your tastes but those of your newly adopted furry feline. Even your favorite kind of music, band, or a song can be part of your pet's name.

But one thing for certain is that most people want something more interesting than calling their family animals simply Kitty or Pussycat! It has to be something that sounds good, suits the cat or kitten in question, and is something the cat can learn fairly quickly. 

On this page there are dozens of names from A to Z for male cats that are big or small, have long hair or not, and will fit all breeds. So take your time searching so you can find and pick something that will make everyone happy for years to come.

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List of Cat Names for Male Cat Names

Name + Rate the name
a mr.fatttttt boy fat guy all around the fat city mc fat nuggett and buiscut  
aaamicaa gladys  
Abbie aka Abby Tabby  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
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User Submitted male cat names

Mommy's baby boy Lucky 10.23.2014 For the cat name Lucky People say black cats are bad luck... But we saved him More about Lucky
The prince of the fluffy butts 10.22.2014 For the cat name Prince Fluffy Butt My cat was very prissy so I wanted to give him a royal name, but I also wanted it to be something funny. So I decided to name him Prince Fluffy Butt More about Prince Fluffy Butt
WA TANG WA TANG WA TANG 10.21.2014 For the cat name Chad Chad is a lovely cat name. CHAD THE CAT!! More about Chad
Spartan 300 10.19.2014 For the cat name Spartan My ex loved the movie 300 and we have a daughter so i wanted to name our cat with a name her daddy would like. We haven't seen him in a long long time. More about Spartan
Minion 10.16.2014 For the cat name Minion He is a little tabby cat that I bottle-fed from about 2 weeks old. He was very small and cute and reminded me of the little minions from the movie Despicable Me. It started out as a nickname but it... More about Minion
Halo is living up to his name. 10.15.2014 For the cat name Halo We adopted a tiny kitten and was told that it was a girl. My youngest son came up with the name Sugarcake for 'her'. When we got her to the vet, we were informed that it was, in fact, a boy. After... More about Halo
Jack Bauer, yep Jack Bauer.. 10.07.2014 For the cat name Jack Bauer Jack Bauer is a special agent at CTU.. He also leads the darkside of Facebook through Jack Bauer and the plug protector conspiracy.. And he likes toast. More about Jack Bauer
Obie the Cheese puff. 10.04.2014 For the cat name OBIE Well he was originally going to be called Elvis but when he was born for some reason the name Obie just popped into my head and it stuck, Plus I own his Mum aswell and she is called Indie. Indie and... More about OBIE