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Male Cat Names

Believe it or not, but often a cat's name tells us more about their owner than about the cat itself. For example, if you're a sports fan, and want something original, your boy cat may be named Yogi, after Yogi Berra the great baseball manager personality, or Nacho because that's your favorite food. 

That's the challenge of naming a cat, or any pet for that matter, because the possibilities and meanings are limitless. A name can express not only your tastes but those of your newly adopted furry feline. Even your favorite kind of music, band, or a song can be part of your pet's name.

But one thing for certain is that most people want something more interesting than calling their family animals simply Kitty or Pussycat! It has to be something that sounds good, suits the cat or kitten in question, and is something the cat can learn fairly quickly. 

On this page there are dozens of names from A to Z for male cats that are big or small, have long hair or not, and will fit all breeds. So take your time searching so you can find and pick something that will make everyone happy for years to come.

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List of Cat Names for Male Cat Names

Name + Rate the name
a mr.fatttttt boy fat guy all around the fat city mc fat nuggett and buiscut  
aaamicaa gladys  
Abbie aka Abby Tabby  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
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User Submitted male cat names

Saxon 09.27.2014 For the cat name Saxon a member of a Germanic people that inhabited parts of central and northern Germany from Roman times, many of whom conquered and settled in southern England in the 5th–6th centuries. 2. the language... More about Saxon
My Pookabrat 09.18.2014 For the cat name Pookie My nickname as a child. Named after Garfield's teddybear. We also call her Kitten which is what we called her before we came up with Pookie. She usually comes to Kitten more often. We have many... More about Pookie
TKAM 09.18.2014 For the cat name Jem Nice name after reading To Kill A Mockingbird. More about Jem
Punny Little Cat 09.14.2014 For the cat name Sterling Arch-er the Purr'd He is a little gray cat with a white mustache. We wanted a names that referred to his color (Sterling), and embodied his aristocatic bearing, but that also captured the playful goofiness of a cat (... More about Sterling Arch-er the Purr'd
Noisy cat 09.14.2014 For the cat name Meaowsi My cat Meaowsi (Mc Dervie) Meows constantly! He meows when he sees you, when he stretches, when he wants to be picked up, when he wants loving. Its kinda rare not to see/hear him meowing. (HOW I... More about Meaowsi
'Ink'a empire 09.10.2014 For the cat name Inka the Inca Empire was very strong and powerful. if it's a black cat, it could look like ink, and it means you could have a nice & strong cat. and Inka is just a nice play on a beautiful name. More about Inka
Ref. A cozy fit for Mozi 09.06.2014 For the cat name Mozi This is a follow-up photo to the entry on 4/9/14. More about Mozi
How My Cat Got His Name 09.05.2014 For the cat name Pumpkin When my cat was born, Pumpkin was all orange and round so that's why my family named him Pumpkin More about Pumpkin