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Exotic Cat Names

What makes a cat truly exotic? Well you could probably get a different answer from every one you asked, but we feel it is a type of cat that you just don't see very often.

It could be a certain kind of cat breed, but more likely it is a boy or girl cat that simply has a remarkable and unexpected appearance.

Most exotic cats are quite beautiful, even the hairless breeds, but admittedly those cats take a specific kind of owner to appreciate their astonishing qualities!

Our list of cat names for exotic cats is quite varied, and has a mixture of singularly different and uncommon names, and we hope you enjoy reading through them, and most importantly, find a name that equals your feline's striking looks.

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List of Cat Names For Exotic Cats

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aaamicaa gladys  
Ahuia Ova  
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User Submitted exotic cat names

my cat has a nubbin 03.20.2014 For the cat name nubbin my cat has a nubbin More about nubbin
Cutie Pie 03.20.2014 For the cat name Sailor Moon I named her after my favorite cartoon becuase she is protective and friendly, she loves to be pet in the stomach and purrs when you feed her. More about Sailor Moon
Gift from God 03.18.2014 For the cat name Giovanna I just got a kitten. While I waiting for 13 years to get one.. every time the occasion would arise something would come between it and my dream of having a cat. I know that this kitten ( who's... More about Giovanna
Russian Names. 03.14.2014 For the cat name Vasily It is the name of a Russian character in one of the Halo books by Greg Bear. I named him that because he is a Russian Blue cat. More about Vasily
Lost for a name 03.06.2014 For the cat name possom i was continuously searching the web for that perfect name so meanwhile i just kept calling her bubba. that name just sounded weird but it is what it is. my mum suggested quite perky names such as... More about possom
Warrior cats 03.06.2014 For the cat name Fireheart Warrior cats:) More about Fireheart
cousin 03.04.2014 For the cat name jasley (jas-ley) I called my cousin that and she hated it More about jasley (jas-ley)
Tasha 02.28.2014 For the cat name Tasha I got my beautiful black kitty form a nice college girl. she is about 5 mo old and so very sweet. I thought Tasha is fitting for such a elegant cat. More about Tasha