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Exotic Cat Names

What makes a cat truly exotic? Well you could probably get a different answer from every one you asked, but we feel it is a type of cat that you just don't see very often.

It could be a certain kind of cat breed, but more likely it is a boy or girl cat that simply has a remarkable and unexpected appearance.

Most exotic cats are quite beautiful, even the hairless breeds, but admittedly those cats take a specific kind of owner to appreciate their astonishing qualities!

Our list of cat names for exotic cats is quite varied, and has a mixture of singularly different and uncommon names, and we hope you enjoy reading through them, and most importantly, find a name that equals your feline's striking looks.

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List of Cat Names For Exotic Cats

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aaamicaa gladys  
Ahuia Ova  
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User Submitted exotic cat names

Baby Boy Cyrus 07.09.2014 For the cat name cyrus I named my cat CYrus becaue my girlfriend is obsessed with miley cyrus but the kitten we got was a male so we obviously couldnt name it miley. When he was a kitten he was a little devil and to be... More about cyrus
Jato rules 06.22.2014 For the cat name Jato We had a cat named Jay and Jay+Gato=Jato rockets cuz a cat is fast. Skill More about Jato
Mt kitten Cas 06.22.2014 For the cat name Castiel One of my favorite tv shows is Supernatural. There is an angel named Castiel on the show. This kitten was white and sweet but could be mean. More about Castiel
Italian girl-boy 06.21.2014 For the cat name luciano We wanted all our cats to be Italian so we chose Luciano. We also thought he was a girl at first and he was called Lucy. More about luciano
My Orange Juice 06.13.2014 For the cat name Juice My cat is Orange color, and his whole name is actually Orange Juice. We called him that cause its my favorite drink. I love him really really really much! He is my life! More about Juice
Named after Jimmy Buffetts song Biloxi Blues 06.02.2014 For the cat name Biloxi Named after Jimmy Buffett song Biloxi Blues. More about Biloxi
How to pick a cat name 05.30.2014 For the cat name Glenn There was once a cat whose name was Kenny. He was a rescue so we had to pick a name that sounded similar, yet distinct at the same time. My partner and I decided on the name Glenn because it is... More about Glenn
KitKit! 05.26.2014 For the cat name Kitkit We couldn't find a name for my Kit, and I couldn't remember her name. So we started calling here Kit and Ki and Kitkit. It stuck on my mind and her's. My cat's a social one, so she comes to it. This... More about Kitkit