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Siamese Cat Names

Siamese cats have fascinated people around the world ever since they were first officially exported from Siam, now known as Thailand, in the late 1800s.

Their striking color contrast, deep blue eyes, and short silky coats are combined with acute intelligence, an inquisitive personality, and a loving nature. 

Siamese kitties are simply wonderful pets to have, because they are very affectionate with the people they live with, and they can even be trained to do tricks such as playing "fetch" with a rolled up sock.

Our list of Siamese cat names is authentic and each name has a translation next to it. The names are a mixture of different things but include given names, places in Thailand, and things like flowers, gemstones, money, and warriors' names.

If you're looking for a real Siamese name for your feline, you will almost certainly find it here.

List of Cat Names For Siamese Cats

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aaamicaa gladys  
Abigale Von Buttons  
Anna may wong  
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User Submitted Siamese Cat Names

Ninja 04.23.2014 For the cat name Ninja We called our Siamese cat Ninja because he was introduced to a household of 3 dogs and one old Manx cat. He was very nimble around all of them. One day he jumped off the first floor veranda and I... More about Ninja
Meow Ling Looks for Forever Home 04.22.2014 For the cat name Meow Ling A siamese mix rescue female free-roaming cat 1 year + adult mommy to 4 kittens being fostered by neighborhood pet friends network, looking for a forever home 4/2014. More about Meow Ling
Luna 04.19.2014 For the cat name Luna I like this name for all pets. More about Luna
lulu 04.12.2014 For the cat name Lulu my story behind my cat's name is it's not a name you hear a lot and I think it's a special name to. More about Lulu
My Koko 04.11.2014 For the cat name Koko Koko is such a cute cat..she loves to play..but since this year..she is 1 year and a half and had became 1 mommy last year..now she is pregnant again and became cuter... More about Koko
after loosing our last siamese after 18 yrs with her we just go a new baby siamese, he is precious. 04.06.2014 For the cat name Kahlua 8 wk old Siamese kitten, looks like a Kahlua and milk drink or a white Russian, sowe named him Kahula. More about Kahlua
Beautiful Berry 03.23.2014 For the cat name Berry Berry is a beautiful White Siamese, Full of Love More about Berry
Siri 03.18.2014 For the cat name Sirikit At the time of her birth, Sirikit was the reigning queen of Thailand. My beauty is called "Siri" for short. More about Sirikit