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Grey Cat Names

The thing about grey cats is that there are so many shades of grey and in fact, may cat fanciers call the color "blue." 

There are only a few cats in origin or breed that are only grey, but the rest can come in light, medium, dark grey, and combinations of those colors ranging from what is called "solid blue" to "blue smoke" which is a solid blue (grey) cat but the roots of the hairs are distinctly white.

So what do we name a beautiful, feline that is not quite black, not quite a tabby grey, and maybe only a hint past white? Some are big and fluffy, others are small and smooth, so a name has to be found that fits a wide range of felines.

Well, hopefully the list on this page will help your search, and you'll end up with a name for your furry companion that is imaginative, yet distinctive, and perfect for your pet. We tried to come up with as many artistic, good, and inventive names as possible for cats that are grey (blue), and the ideas and suggestions here will apply to any gender - boy and girl cats.

As you read though and view the free kitty names, you'll find they have a lot of personality; some are playful and full of character, while others are general favorite day to day names - the variety being similar to all the different loving people whose lives have changed from the recent adoption of a stray, rescued or newly born kitten.

Interestingly enough, the names for your new friend are derived not only from objects that are grey, but also from different names and meanings for the color grey.

List of Cat Names For Grey Cats

Name + Rate the name
Skittles   284
"raini"   267
aaamicaa gladys   2,990
Aarya   90
abdukar   1,859
Abell   230
Absynthe   186
Acheron   738
Adame   227
Adelaide   163
Afie   256
Ainsworth   153
Al   232
Albert   63
Alderman   142
alfie button   112
Alina   636
Aliyah   10
Almanza   131
Aluminum   223
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User Submitted grey cat names

Never forgotten friend 01.14.2015 For the cat name Lulu My best friend who was a feline was named Lulu and she was with me for about 7 years until she passed unexpectedly. She was a tabby cat with beautiful striped markings and she had a unique spotted... More about Lulu
O' Dubby 01.02.2015 For the cat name Dublin The capital of Ireland. And its an easy name to yell when he is being bad. More about Dublin
we saved a kitten. 12.29.2014 For the cat name Pixie Rescue kitten. More about Pixie
Murphy and Sarah 12.27.2014 For the cat name Murphy and Sarah My new cats name is Murphy and Sarah, because they cute. More about Murphy and Sarah
Zeddicus the Grey Mouser 12.22.2014 For the cat name Zedd (Zeddicus the Grey Mouser) Based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. This is a play on the character's name Zedd the Grey Wizard. The main line of these books is "Wizards First Rule" "Wizard's First Rule: people... More about Zedd (Zeddicus the Grey Mouser)
the rock under the bush 11.26.2014 For the cat name Sage well my mom and I decided to take a drive in the mountains. We had been searching for rocks,when we saw a rock in the sagebrush. I said "Mom, there is a rock over there in the sagebrush why don't we... More about Sage