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Grey Cat Names

The thing about grey cats is that there are so many shades of grey and in fact, may cat fanciers call the color "blue." 

There are only a few cats in origin or breed that are only grey, but the rest can come in light, medium, dark grey, and combinations of those colors ranging from what is called "solid blue" to "blue smoke" which is a solid blue (grey) cat but the roots of the hairs are distinctly white.

So what do we name a beautiful, feline that is not quite black, not quite a tabby grey, and maybe only a hint past white? Some are big and fluffy, others are small and smooth, so a name has to be found that fits a wide range of felines.

Well, hopefully the list on this page will help your search, and you'll end up with a name for your furry companion that is imaginative, yet distinctive, and perfect for your pet. We tried to come up with as many artistic, good, and inventive names as possible for cats that are grey (blue), and the ideas and suggestions here will apply to any gender - boy and girl cats.

As you read though and view the free kitty names, you'll find they have a lot of personality; some are playful and full of character, while others are general favorite day to day names - the variety being similar to all the different loving people whose lives have changed from the recent adoption of a stray, rescued or newly born kitten.

Interestingly enough, the names for your new friend are derived not only from objects that are grey, but also from different names and meanings for the color grey.

List of Cat Names For Grey Cats

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User Submitted grey cat names

clole THE CAT 09.21.2015 For the cat name clole I was going to call my cat Cole, but it was too dumb so I called it clole. More about clole
"Freddy" 09.06.2015 For the cat name Freddy Ok so, my cats name is Freddy. He is a little black kitten and we love him a lot. We didn't choose out the name, the pet store that we purchased him from did. We loved the name so much that we... More about Freddy
we got her at the Marian when she was a kitten 08.03.2015 For the cat name mystic SHE'S CUTE, SHE'S GREY, IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!! More about mystic
? 07.22.2015 For the cat name Bosco From the Seinfeld TV show where George's atm password was Bosco More about Bosco
My girl Minnie 07.20.2015 For the cat name Minnie Minnie was only 2 weeks old when iI got her, so Minnie was very fitting. More about Minnie
Raining cats & dogs 07.12.2015 For the cat name Bugsby My sister has woods I her back yard, and about a 6 week grey kitty with white paws appeared. She had wood ticks in her eyes, I could feel every bone in her body. I have her a bath. Introduced her to... More about Bugsby
Saved to be a piss- fire! 07.04.2015 For the cat name Remington This little female 3 week old kitten was cornered by 4 dogs, one of the dogs had her by the neck. Within 4 days she is inner acting with humans and other older kittens. We are adopting her and our... More about Remington
Gambit 06.18.2015 For the cat name Remy Lebeau Remy Lebeau Codename Gambit More about Remy Lebeau