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Funny Cat Names

Do you have the class clown in your home in the form of a cat or kitten? The kind of pet that is always and forever doing something ridiculous and entertaining without even trying to do so? Some cats are just natural comedians.

We know the type, and finding the perfect moniker for these silly kitties is as humorous as they are. Some of the following names just might make you laugh out loud because they range from hilarious to droll and outlandish to unexpected, kind of like certain types of felines!

Many people choose to name funny pets after famous comedians like George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, or Ellen Degeneres, but actually some of the funniest names are the unexpected ones.

Like the cat named "Pickles" because he loved to eat them. It was an unusual habit, and yet it was the perfect name for him because it fit to a tee. Try and match your cat's personality if you can, and enjoy the list of more than 400 free funny cat names on this page!

List of Funny Cat Names For Funny Cats

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aaamicaa gladys  
Abbie aka Abby Tabby  
abbie dabbie doo  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
Al E. Cat  
Alexander Karaputzov  
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User Submitted Funny Cat Names

NESQUIK THE KITTY 10.28.2014 For the cat name Nesquik I named my kitty Nesquik after the breakfast cereal. The colour of his coat is the colour of nesquik so I thought I would name my cat that. More about Nesquik
The Life of Leon and the littles 10.24.2014 For the cat name LEON RUSSELL Leon Russell was found below a damn in Emmett Idaho,he was raising 4 kittens about 4 months old. Leon was an intake male at the time and around a year and half old.My husband stopped to cast a few on... More about LEON RUSSELL
MouseTraps 10.22.2014 For the cat name Mousetrap I name Mouse, MouseTrap, because, he likes to catch birds, and mice, and basically any meat. I couldn't call a cat Bird Trap, or meat lover, then for short I would have to call him Birdy or Meat. So... More about Mousetrap
The prince of the fluffy butts 10.22.2014 For the cat name Prince Fluffy Butt My cat was very prissy so I wanted to give him a royal name, but I also wanted it to be something funny. So I decided to name him Prince Fluffy Butt More about Prince Fluffy Butt
WA TANG WA TANG WA TANG 10.21.2014 For the cat name Chad Chad is a lovely cat name. CHAD THE CAT!! More about Chad
Minion 10.16.2014 For the cat name Minion He is a little tabby cat that I bottle-fed from about 2 weeks old. He was very small and cute and reminded me of the little minions from the movie Despicable Me. It started out as a nickname but it... More about Minion
swiffer cat 10.16.2014 For the cat name Swiffer fluffy cat swiffers house with long fur More about Swiffer
Chairman Meow 10.11.2014 For the cat name Chairman Meow Chairman Meow is the cat from my favourite book series and movie, the mortal instruments. And since it is my favourite characters cat, i had to name my cat after it. More about Chairman Meow