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Funny Cat Names

Do you have the class clown in your home in the form of a cat or kitten? The kind of pet that is always and forever doing something ridiculous and entertaining without even trying to do so? Some cats are just natural comedians.

We know the type, and finding the perfect moniker for these silly kitties is as humorous as they are. Some of the following names just might make you laugh out loud because they range from hilarious to droll and outlandish to unexpected, kind of like certain types of felines!

Many people choose to name funny pets after famous comedians like George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, or Ellen Degeneres, but actually some of the funniest names are the unexpected ones.

Like the cat named "Pickles" because he loved to eat them. It was an unusual habit, and yet it was the perfect name for him because it fit to a tee. Try and match your cat's personality if you can, and enjoy the list of more than 400 free funny cat names on this page!

List of Funny Cat Names For Funny Cats

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aaamicaa gladys  
Abbie aka Abby Tabby  
abbie dabbie doo  
Achoo (Meowsi)  
Al E. Cat  
Alexander Karaputzov  
Alexis (Fuzzy)  
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User Submitted Funny Cat Names

Pet Shop Story has been buyed. 04.18.2014 For the cat name Panther This cat is very good! Very good loves to cuddle! He likes to eat meat and steak of duck! If her long nobody Neda eat, eating biscuits that really does not like! 8-9 months old and still eats food... More about Panther
Jumbo Shrimp 04.14.2014 For the cat name Captain Jumbo Shrimp I let my husband name her, and he is ridiculous. Everyone laughs when we tell them HER name is Captain Jumbo Shrimp. More about Captain Jumbo Shrimp
the bald one 04.07.2014 For the cat name Gizmo he is bald because of all his fur balls my sister ripped put of his hair More about Gizmo
Useless the stupid dog-cat 04.05.2014 For the cat name Useless My dad brought home another cat one day and because we already had a cat my grandparents ended up taking her, they also had another cat but were capable of taking care of the new cat, she didn't... More about Useless
The Fuzzy Farmcat 04.01.2014 For the cat name Alexis (Fuzzy) We first got Alexis from a family living on a small farm in Wisconsin when we found out she might have to be put down. We didn't really have an awespme reason for naming her Alexis, I just thought of... More about Alexis (Fuzzy)
Cutie Pie 03.20.2014 For the cat name Sailor Moon I named her after my favorite cartoon becuase she is protective and friendly, she loves to be pet in the stomach and purrs when you feed her. More about Sailor Moon
The Eye of Sauron 03.15.2014 For the cat name Sauron I rescued my kitty last summer knowing that she had a bad eye which would have to be removed. And I just knew Sauron would be the perfect name for her. (If for some reason you don't know who Sauron... More about Sauron
skittles 03.15.2014 For the cat name Skittles We called our cat this because when he sits he. looks like a skittle More about Skittles