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Funny Cat Names

Do you have the class clown in your home in the form of a cat or kitten? The kind of pet that is always and forever doing something ridiculous and entertaining without even trying to do so? Some cats are just natural comedians.

We know the type, and finding the perfect moniker for these silly kitties is as humorous as they are. Some of the following names just might make you laugh out loud because they range from hilarious to droll and outlandish to unexpected, kind of like certain types of felines!

Many people choose to name funny pets after famous comedians like George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, or Ellen Degeneres, but actually some of the funniest names are the unexpected ones.

Like the cat named "Pickles" because he loved to eat them. It was an unusual habit, and yet it was the perfect name for him because it fit to a tee. Try and match your cat's personality if you can, and enjoy the list of more than 400 free funny cat names on this page!

List of Funny Cat Names For Funny Cats

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Alexis (Fuzzy)  
Amos & Andy  
Angel Worth  
Ash Trey  
Askim (Ask Him)  
Aye and Bee  
Baby Driver  
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User Submitted Funny Cat Names

buzz 08.27.2014 For the cat name fuzz buzz She is extremely hairy and always buzzing around More about fuzz buzz
my 2 boys 08.26.2014 For the cat name Amos & Andy Sweetie, their mother, brought these 2 boys & their 2 sisters to us early on a Sunday morning. All 4 are solid black short hair babies, identical except for a few white hairs on their chest. The... More about Amos & Andy
my washing dishes helper 08.26.2014 For the cat name Yankee Doodle Dandy He was a purebred Maine Coon. Chocolate tabby. The most laid back, nosy cat I've ever seen. Had to be involved in everything that was going on in the house. More about Yankee Doodle Dandy
The chimney cat. 08.07.2014 For the cat name Sooti He looks like he's just been up a chimney. Also his tail looks like a chimney brush! More about Sooti
Waffles 08.06.2014 For the cat name Waffles There is no real story behind his name, but right when I saw him for the first time, I just thought of burnt waffles. I mean he was a brown tabby and with his dark stripes it reminded me of brunt... More about Waffles
Colonel Johnson 08.01.2014 For the cat name Colonel Johnson One day, while watching my mom eat steamed crabs, I came up with the name Colonel Johnson. More about Colonel Johnson
Cutest Male Cat Name 07.25.2014 For the cat name Sir Charles (Charlie) Nacho When we first adopted him, his name was Newman. If you have seen Seinfeld, you know. I was stuck between Charlie and Nacho so his name is Sir Charles Nacho (Charlie). I only call him his full name... More about Sir Charles (Charlie) Nacho
good suprise 07.11.2014 For the cat name cutipatootie bet with my girlfriend was that if the name was in his list she can anme it this. so i am putting it in as a suprise More about cutipatootie