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Celebrity Cat Names

Celebrities and some of our favorite well-known people seem to live in a different world from the average person, but the reality is they're just ordinary people who love their pets and cats just as much as we do.

But while we live well away from the glow of the limelight, the paparazzi, red carpets, and limos, we can still share a part of a celebrity's life by giving our cat or kitten a name that other public figures have chosen for their cats; many of which we have listed here.

Take for example Mark Twain. He loved cats and purposely gave his pets bizarre names such as Blatherskite, Beelsebub, Sour Mash, and Zoroaster. And we have several of other cat names he used included on this page.

In fact, the free cat names listed here have been used on TV, in the movies, cartoons, comic strips, literature, and of course by celebrities and politicians for their feline family pets. To help you search more easily, we have broken the names into categories to view and the names are good for any gender: male or female.

Note: If you're looking for names of famous people to name your cat after, go to:  Famous Cat Names

List of Cat of Celebrities - Including Cats of Politicians, Movie and Television Cats, Comic Strip Cats, as well as Famous Cats from TV and Movies

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User Submitted Celebrity Cat Names

Help me 04.13.2014 For the cat name Amber I found kittens in a box (stray) and my BFF told me More about Amber
lulu 04.12.2014 For the cat name Lulu my story behind my cat's name is it's not a name you hear a lot and I think it's a special name to. More about Lulu
love the bowery boys 04.11.2014 For the cat name Muggs after Leo Gorcey More about Muggs
fans 04.10.2014 For the cat name Vader because we love Star wars More about Vader
Abandoned by mom 04.08.2014 For the cat name Jeffy Pro Jeffy was a feral kitten that was all by himself. He hitched a ride under my van to Wal-Mart. A kind mechanic who worked there, caught him from underneath my van. When I got home with him, a... More about Jeffy Pro
Luke, Luke and more Luke 04.07.2014 For the cat name Luke I was thinkin about some unique, sweet names to fit the cat that i was going to be getting. And i wanted to name it after a singer. So i chose Luke. (he is named after the singer Luke Bryan) More about Luke
how I found my cats name 04.06.2014 For the cat name Nala I found my cats name by watching lion king More about Nala
Great Russian 03.31.2014 For the cat name Putin its an orange tom cat that was homeless and my wife adopted him, my wife is Russian so the most easy name was to call him Mr Putin. More about Putin