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Black Kitten Names

Kittens that are black actually are one of the two primary colors that cats come in - which are black and red.

And if your kitty is pretty much black all over, it is called a "solid." So a "solid black" is just that: black all over. It may be coal black, grayish black, or brownish black. 

If however your cat is pretty much solid black, but the roots of the hairs are distinctly white, then it is called a "smoke."

While it's normal for the roots on a solid cat to be grayish; true smokes, on the other hand, have definite white roots. So what kind of black coat does your furry feline have? Take some time, look closely and see.

Now because we know there are different ranges and saturations of the color black, our list of names for black kittens and cats represents that. The names and meanings vary from shiny and lustrous things, to more muted or faded shades of black.

No matter what shade of black cat you have, they are simply loving, beautiful pets, and we know you will able to search and find a good match from our list of baby kitten names that will best compliment your newly adopted family pet.

List of Cat Names For Black Kittens

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User Submitted Black Cat Names

Kayfre Kat 01.23.2015 For the cat name kayfer/kafre I had an egyptian black cat hence Kayfre as in K for Kat. More about kayfer/kafre
Eclipse 01.19.2015 For the cat name Eclipse It's a dark black/grey and has grey/blue eyes and is only a 6 month old kitten Eclipse brings out its personality. More about Eclipse
Kittyman 01.13.2015 For the cat name KittyMan heals an extraordinary CatDog, he always runs to the door with all the dogs and lines up with all the dogs to get the treats he's about 15 pounds, all muscle, quite a big boy when he was just a... More about KittyMan
one and only Black Cat 12.24.2014 For the cat name Black Cat I had spent weeks for the perfect name . In the meantime I had been calling her Black Cat .... so it just stuck .:) More about Black Cat
female 12.21.2014 For the cat name betinna it is female, so female in malay is betina More about betinna
Malifecent 12.16.2014 For the cat name Malifecent well iv never had a cat before but im getting one soon so me and my friends were thinking of cat names and one of my friends said we should write down i thought that was a really good name for a... More about Malifecent
me and my cat 12.10.2014 For the cat name Sally her named is sally i named her because i want a cat so bad because i want her More about Sally
Cook males black cat names 12.05.2014 For the cat name Hades, Aries, Apollo We have 3 black kittens. Names are Aries the God of war. Hades the God of the underworld. And Apollo the sun God. Seems to go purrrfect with their shiny black fur. More about Hades, Aries, Apollo