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Cat Names For Girls

If you think about it, you could be living with your fabulous feline for up to 15 years or more, so it's worth the time and effort to carefully choose a name.

Before you even think about a name though, first spend some time with your new cat or kitten and observe his or her personality, style, physical characteristics, energy level, and coloring.

You can also take into consideration if you want a name that has some personal or special meaning to you, or has some flair and that is unusual or unique.

As you read through the lists, if you see a girl cat name you like, say it out loud, how does it sound? Does is strike the right note, or paint the perfect picture for you? Will you feel comfortable calling for your pet out loud where other people may hear you?

If so, then try it out on your cat. Does she like, or even respond to it? If she does, then you may have just chosen the perfect name for both you and your new little girl.

So take your time, explore your options, and above all - enjoy the process because it may be a long time before you get the chance to name a cat again!

List of Cat Names For Girls

Name + Rate the name
Abigail   1,015
Aimee   679
Akira   722
Alexandra   659
Amalia   473
Amelia   392
Anastasia   433
Angelina   427
Annie   469
Ariel   451
Ashlee   347
Aurora   336
Babe   321
Barbarella   279
Bebe   252
Bess   250
Bijouv   246
Blondie   262
Bootsarilla   236
Bree   306
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