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Boy Cat Names

Choosing the right name for your boy cat might be easier than you think. If you study him closely, the way he studies you, such as the distinctive way he plays, walks, purrs, and pounces on toys, then the purrrfect name may immediately jump out at you.

Personality type is also a good starting point. Many male cats are very rambunctious, inquisitive, fearless and ready to investigate and get into anything.

That said however, just because he is a boy cat doesn't mean he follows type and is the adventurous go-getter! Many boy kitties are sensitive, soft, cuddly, sociable, childlike, or even a real prince in expecting you to read and grant his every wish.

The list below is a mixture of many different types of boy cat names that will suit many cats and are a good starting point for you.

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List of Cat Names For Boys

Name + Rate the name
Abbott   1,028
Achilles   816
Adam   802
Ajax   729
Ali   814
Alvin   719
Angus   620
Apache   517
Archie   693
Arlo   540
Arthur   501
Atticus   398
Augustus   444
Avery   386
Badger   330
Barney   512
Basil   278
Bear   319
Benji   319
Benny   369
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