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Black Cat Names

If you're looking for fresh, inventive names for your black kitties - then you've found the right spot! Here you will find more than 100 distinctive, original names listed for cats that are black so you won't be stuck with just good old "Blackie" or "Shadow" to call your dark haired pet.

Because your newly adopted family feline deserves more, and all black cats, no matter their breeds, are so gorgeous and yet mysterious, he or she should have a special name.

After all, any shade of black, whether it's a deep black, a blue black, or a gray black, is beautiful and visually stunning, so take your time to review and search through lists below and see if any of them fit or capture your cat's unique appearance, kinetic energy, and personality! And what's great, is that all of the names below are perfect for small baby kittens or older big cats. 

In any case, a cat's coat, whether it's long or short, is his or her crowning glory. The color, texture and loving sheen of any cat's fur are what makes her or him unique; and are also some of the first things people and friends notice, and make comments about.

List of Cat Names For Black Cats

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User Submitted Black Cat Names

fans 04.10.2014 For the cat name Vader because we love Star wars More about Vader
Vodka Mewtini 04.01.2014 For the cat name Vodka Mewtini Vodka Mutini (or Mutie for short), is a small, black, four-eyed kitten that Rose Lalonde encountered in the Lab accessed from the tunnel beneath the grave of her former cat, Jaspers, in Act 3 of the... More about Vodka Mewtini
The Fuzzy Farmcat 04.01.2014 For the cat name Alexis (Fuzzy) We first got Alexis from a family living on a small farm in Wisconsin when we found out she might have to be put down. We didn't really have an awespme reason for naming her Alexis, I just thought of... More about Alexis (Fuzzy)
Cutie Pie 03.20.2014 For the cat name Sailor Moon I named her after my favorite cartoon becuase she is protective and friendly, she loves to be pet in the stomach and purrs when you feed her. More about Sailor Moon
Gift from God 03.18.2014 For the cat name Giovanna I just got a kitten. While I waiting for 13 years to get one.. every time the occasion would arise something would come between it and my dream of having a cat. I know that this kitten ( who's... More about Giovanna
Tabitha, Logic. 03.18.2014 For the cat name Tabitha Tabby Cat? Tabitha, GENIUS. More about Tabitha
Onyxia 03.15.2014 For the cat name Onyxia Named after a World Of Warcraft Villianess More about Onyxia
From Lola to Lolo 03.10.2014 For the cat name lolo A little black kitty followed me home. I took care of it and named it Lola ( I thought it was a female). One day Lola got scared and jumed into a broken glass and got hurt. She lost a significant... More about lolo