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Exotic Cat Names

What makes a cat truly exotic? Well you could probably get a different answer from every one you asked, but we feel it is a type of cat that you just don't see very often.

It could be a certain kind of cat breed, but more likely it is a boy or girl cat that simply has a remarkable and unexpected appearance.


Most exotic cats are quite beautiful, even the hairless breeds, but admittedly those cats take a specific kind of owner to appreciate their astonishing qualities!

Our list of cat names for exotic cats is quite varied, and has a mixture of singularly different and uncommon names, and we hope you enjoy reading through them, and most importantly, find a name that equals your feline's striking looks.

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List of Cat Names For Exotic Cats

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Ahuia Ova  
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User Submitted exotic cat names

The Fanged Cat 07.17.2017 For the cat name Moonfang Because one of its teeth is shaped like a quarter moon More about Moonfang
My first cat...a wonderful Siamese! 06.05.2017 For the cat name Koshka Koshka was my very first Siamese cat. She was so smart and playful. We played hide and seek and a funny game of her attacking me from across the room with a flying jump into my arms. She liked to... More about Koshka
Taj Malik: Crowned King 05.08.2017 For the cat name Taj Malik Taj Malik was a stray cat in my neighborhood. He was about 5 years old. Got him neutered and vaccinated and treated his very bad ear mite infections. Taj means Crown and Malik means King. So, Taj... More about Taj Malik
Taj Malik: Crowned King 02.03.2017 For the cat name Taj Malik Taj Malik was a stray cat for years. He was illusive, tough and no to cat friendly. After being neutered and in my house for several months, Taj became a cuddle bug. He loves to be pet and he plays... More about Taj Malik
Quita Keeta 01.21.2017 For the cat name Keeta We once had a customer come to our place called Quita, but we had no idea how to pronounce it. We figured that it sounded like this, so we named our cat after how we thought we should spell it, Keeta. More about Keeta
Exotic 10.29.2016 For the cat name Jenga Just thought the name was different and exotic sounding More about Jenga
My kitty Tiger Lillie 10.25.2016 For the cat name Tiger Lillie I was thinking about nature names for my cat and came up with Tiger Lillie. More about Tiger Lillie
BREE 10.11.2016 For the cat name Bree its a cute name for a cat because it is purrfect.and it is a very cute name for a female and kittens. More about Bree