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White Cat Names

If you're in need of refreshingly inventive names for your white cat this is the page for you! 

We have more than 140 names for your pet that are as crisp and cool as bright new snow and as fresh and clean as an apple blossom.

After all, your dazzling feline deserves a name that is as gorgeous as he or she is because there are few things as visually stunning as a cat with a short or a long white coat, and a name that is out of the ordinary is definitely in order.

The list below covers all different kinds of white names and meanings; from things that are cream colored, like a "Creampuff" to almost clear like an "Icicle."

So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance.

List of Cat Names For White Cats

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angel cake, cloud, snow,cotton,socks, fluffy, marie, dutchess, buddy sonic, fluffles , mist, ash, stormy, knight, buttons,cookiedough  
Angel Worth  
angela & angelo  
Apple Blossom  
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User Submitted White Cat Names

Olaf the White Kitten 10.26.2014 For the cat name Olaf He's very gentle and Snow White so we thought Olaf fit him well. More about Olaf
The prince of the fluffy butts 10.22.2014 For the cat name Prince Fluffy Butt My cat was very prissy so I wanted to give him a royal name, but I also wanted it to be something funny. So I decided to name him Prince Fluffy Butt More about Prince Fluffy Butt
Moonstone ' s Moonlight 10.22.2014 For the cat name Moonstone Moonstone was our cat that we got for our 4 yr old little girl Angel, when she was still a tiny kitten. We all loved her so much & before we had her fixed she had kittens, which we kept. After a... More about Moonstone
Halo is living up to his name. 10.15.2014 For the cat name Halo We adopted a tiny kitten and was told that it was a girl. My youngest son came up with the name Sugarcake for 'her'. When we got her to the vet, we were informed that it was, in fact, a boy. After... More about Halo
Honoring my baby boy 10.08.2014 For the cat name Eos Diamond Blue Originally Eos was supposed to be a boy. So I picked the name Eos Diamond. Eos being the Greek Goddess of the Dawn. And Diamond because "she" was white. When we got the cat it was clear he was in... More about Eos Diamond Blue
Marbles 09.27.2014 For the cat name Marbles Well my cat is black and white and my papa used to collect marbles and he had a black and white marble and it reminded me a lot of my cats patches of fur so I named him marbles More about Marbles
Chevy the cat. 09.18.2014 For the cat name Chevy Chevy was already named Chevy when I rescued her from a house with a bunch of teenagers and big dogs. More about Chevy
Roxy 09.18.2014 For the cat name Roxy How I got that name because it was my old cat's name and it's a mix of Rocky and Cici off of shake it up. More about Roxy