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White Cat Names

If you're in need of refreshingly inventive names for your white cat this is the page for you! 

We have more than 140 names for your pet that are as crisp and cool as bright new snow and as fresh and clean as an apple blossom.

After all, your dazzling feline deserves a name that is as gorgeous as he or she is because there are few things as visually stunning as a cat with a short or a long white coat, and a name that is out of the ordinary is definitely in order.

The list below covers all different kinds of white names and meanings; from things that are cream colored, like a "Creampuff" to almost clear like an "Icicle."

So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance.

List of Cat Names For White Cats

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angel cake, cloud, snow,cotton,socks, fluffy, marie, dutchess, buddy sonic, fluffles , mist, ash, stormy, knight, buttons,cookiedough  
Angel Worth  
Apple Blossom  
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User Submitted White Cat Names

Mowzer, the mousehole cat 07.14.2014 For the cat name Mowzer Mowzer: A character in The mouse hole cat by Antonia Barber. Set in Mousehole, Penzance or 'mowzel' as it is pronounced. A tale of bravery and courage. Described as a female cat, black with a white... More about Mowzer
Pure White Pinecones 07.11.2014 For the cat name pinecone I've always wanted a pure white Norwegian Forest Cat with a unique name and pinecone just seemed to fit. I first fell in love with this breed when I met my dads friends NF cat, chloe, and it was so... More about pinecone
Frozen obsed children! 07.03.2014 For the cat name Elsa It was going to happen after choosing a white kitten the sane week Frozen cane out in rhe cinema :-/ love the name though, really suits a white feamle :) More about Elsa
what does the T stand for? 06.23.2014 For the cat name Tiberius Clawdius Maximus Tiberius got his name because my nine year old son didn't like Clawdius Maximus, he said it needed something else. I of course could not come up with anything until he asked what the T in James T... More about Tiberius Clawdius Maximus
Gamzee 06.23.2014 For the cat name Gamzee !--break--> So, um, my cat Gamzee he's dead first of all (he was really sick) but anyways my sibling decided to name him Gamzee because there's a webicon that they really like called "Homestuck"... More about Gamzee
GERG 05.22.2014 For the cat name Gergis Her name is Bella but we like to call her Gergis :) full copywrited to me More about Gergis
About my cat 05.17.2014 For the cat name Tigher Hey my cat is a good cat and my cat More about Tigher