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White Cat Names

If you're in need of refreshingly inventive names for your white cat this is the page for you! 

We have more than 140 names for your pet that are as crisp and cool as bright new snow and as fresh and clean as an apple blossom.

After all, your dazzling feline deserves a name that is as gorgeous as he or she is because there are few things as visually stunning as a cat with a short or a long white coat, and a name that is out of the ordinary is definitely in order.

The list below covers all different kinds of white names and meanings; from things that are cream colored, like a "Creampuff" to almost clear like an "Icicle."

So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance.

User Submitted White Cat Names

Prigs can be a pet name. 03.06.2015 For the cat name Prisstopher Prigs Prisstopher Prigs was my kitty. More about Prisstopher Prigs
Adventure 02.12.2015 For the cat name Simba He's Weird also he's named after a guy in the lion king More about Simba
Cubical Cats, come out tonight 02.05.2015 For the cat name Gateway Feral kitten we rescued and tamed has mostly white body with big black patches/spots on body and head, and a black, somewhat stripey, tail. His biggest spot reminded me of the white and black cow-... More about Gateway
Pompom 02.04.2015 For the cat name Pom Pom well when i saw photos of a litter of rag doll's i saw a certain cat (the one which i brought) she looked like a massive ball of fluff. First i thought Milo or Snowflake and well Pompom is really... More about Pom Pom
Betty White 02.01.2015 For the cat name Miss Betty White We just adopted a white cat from the Humane Society. They call her Ivy. We wanted to rename her and the name just came to me. It was meant to be! She is pure white and funny as can be. Plus who doesn... More about Miss Betty White
Your fluffiest deeam 01.21.2015 For the cat name Fifi Well fifi is my cats name. I named her that because she was fluffy but I don't want to name her fluffy so the name was born More about Fifi
short but sweet 01.09.2015 For the cat name Artic storm My kitten is white, but when the wind blows his hair being semi long blows in the breeze More about Artic storm
My New Puurfect Impurfected Kitty Kilo 12.30.2014 For the cat name Sir Kilo White Persian kitten 12 wks old,given as a gift by a pure bred breeder,however this kitten was born with a litter of 7 and has one shorter hind leg,i have not met him in person as yet but on thurs,... More about Sir Kilo