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Cute Kitten Names

Kittens, no matter what gender, if they are male or female, a specific breed, or long or short hair, they are simply too cute for words. That is just a fact of life that is true today and will be forever!

A cute kitten can completely melt us with just one look - it's ridiculous the power they have over us while still being so small. And it's also a fact that many of us can't imagine life without our furry felines.

A cuddly new kitten will grow up to be an affectionate, loving pet so we have listed as many cute names as possible that will work purrrfectly for a younger kitten as well as an older cat.

Like the little girl kitten who was so small she could fit into a cereal box so her owners named her half-pint! Too cute. Or the boy kitten who had many favorite sites to sleep, but his most desired one was in his owners slippers, so he was called Slipper! Many more ideas are listed below for you to search through and find that are as cozy and affectionate as your new kitten.

List of Cat Names For Cute Kittens

Name + Rate the name
Rosy   116
Scamp   86
Sensi   70
Shamrock   86
Short Change   80
Shy   87
Silky   75
Sissy   96
Skittles   161
Skitty   78
Snowpaws   118
Snuggles   132
Softy   93
Sonia   79
Sparkle   126
Squeak   99
Stella   117
Sugar   126
Sushi   131
Sweet Pea   124
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