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Cool Cat Names

The cool cat. You know the type. They're the Clint Eastwoods of the feline world, the Lee Marvins of cat adventurers, the Uma Thurmans and Angelina Jolies of ultimate cat coolness. Like cool jazz, they're just too awesome to mess with.

Well, they're not called "cool cats" for nothing. Cats invented attitude by the way they move, they way they act; they're always the coolest creature in any room.

In fact, they don't really need humans around, they just tolerate and indulge our presence. You however, need to find that one name that captures the essence of your cat's hip attitude. The cat that is indisputably calm, collected, and unflappable at all times.

With that in mind, we've compiled many names to get you started. Several are good for both male and female cats and kittens, but there is definitely a mixture here so you can pick and choose as you please. Just make sure you select good one.....a cool cat never wants to be saddled with a geeky name!

Cool Cat Names For Cool Cats

Name + Rate the name
Magneto   49
Magnum   45
Mahi   34
Malik   53
Malt   36
Mars   56
Maverick   55
Maximus   69
McQueen   59
Merlot   57
Miha   33
Mihaz   32
Mir   40
Mirage   46
Mocha   64
Moza   38
Mozart   63
Myna   44
Mystique   58
Nashala   44
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