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Black Cat Names

If you're looking for fresh, inventive names for your black kitties - then you've found the right spot! Here you will find more than 100 distinctive, original names listed for cats that are black so you won't be stuck with just good old "Blackie" or "Shadow" to call your dark haired pet.

Because your newly adopted family feline deserves more, and all black cats, no matter their breeds, are so gorgeous and yet mysterious, he or she should have a special name.

After all, any shade of black, whether it's a deep black, a blue black, or a gray black, is beautiful and visually stunning, so take your time to review and search through lists below and see if any of them fit or capture your cat's unique appearance, kinetic energy, and personality! And what's great, is that all of the names below are perfect for small baby kittens or older big cats. 

In any case, a cat's coat, whether it's long or short, is his or her crowning glory. The color, texture and loving sheen of any cat's fur are what makes her or him unique; and are also some of the first things people and friends notice, and make comments about.

List of Cat Names For Black Cats

User Submitted Black Cat Names

Three Little Kitties 05.14.2015 For the cat name Tucker "Tucker" is the name of the black/white male tuxedo cat that "adopted me." I figured Tucker was a great name for a tuxedo cat. I have two others -- "Ben" who is a Russian Blue that I adopted from... More about Tucker
Food, Food, Glorious Food 05.01.2015 For the cat name LL Cool Bean I name all my pets after food--I'm not proud of it, that's just the way it is. And the pet has to resemble the food in some way, usually in color. Having just adopted a tiny black kitten, my thought... More about LL Cool Bean
TheBO 05.01.2015 For the cat name Thebo We adopted a little black male kitty and his littermate sister, a calico. We named the calico immediately, her name was Tapestry, Tappi for short. But we couldn't come up with a name for the black... More about Thebo
Poe 04.20.2015 For the cat name Poe He is an adorable black kitten. We named him Poe, after the author Edgar Allan Poe. He looks like he would be a literature professor if he could be. We like the poem The Raven...but felt Raven was... More about Poe
grumpy cat oh grumpy cat 04.18.2015 For the cat name grumpy cat grumpy cat is amazing More about grumpy cat
Story of Malibu 04.04.2015 For the cat name Malibu Malibu is a place my mother who passed away in 2013 grew up, so when I got my cat I thought I would name it something to do with her and I thought malibu was cute More about Malibu
Windsor the sophisticated 03.30.2015 For the cat name Windsor My cat is black. When I first got my cat, he had a white spot on his chest which sort of looked like a tie, so he looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. I passed a street called Windsor on my way home... More about Windsor
Zombee Cat 03.23.2015 For the cat name Zombee My husband rescued this 5oz kitten after hearing it cry for over an hour from the next door neighbors yard. Its mother had been attacked by another animal and couldn't climb the fence to feed him.... More about Zombee