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We don't have any history, definition or meaning data for the cat name "Nimbus" yet! Please help out by adding what you know about "Nimbus" using the comment section below:

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My Cat is call Nimbus,

My Cat is call Nimbus, because he is as unpredictable as any storm I have ever seen

My cat is named Nimbus

My cat is named Nimbus because she has soft, fairly long fur and she is coloured with pale grey tabby stripes on her top and has a white fluffy belly. Just like an upside down storm cloud.

"Nimbus" is a type of storm

"Nimbus" is a type of storm cloud from the Latin word "nimbo," also meaning storm cloud.

I had a beautiful white

I had a beautiful white Turkish Angora, born 9/97 and died 1/11. He was registered as Nimbus Faed (he was deaf, and faed is deaf spelled backward).He was named for a the 'nimbus' cloud. Almost a year klater, I still mourn his passing. I did purchase another "TA" from the same breader in July this year (2011). He is also deaf. I love the breed, and cats in general.

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