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Cute Cat Names

Well you've made that important addition to your family and gotten a cuddly new cat - how great! And what is cuter than a new cat or kitten?

The names on this page are good for both gender of cats, so your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a baby kitten or an older cat, just about any of the many breeds available these days, or just a simple alley cat.


Now is the fun part, getting to name your favorite new kitty. This page of the website tries to list as many adorable, sweet, loving, and just plain cute names for feline pets as possible.....but there is probably no way we could get them all because the possibilities are endless! 

We have however put together a list of over 150 free cute cat names for you and your family to choose from, and hopefully there are enough to get your imagination going. Before you decide however, you may want to call some of them out loud and see what your kitten or cat thinks of the sound and if they respond at all.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, such as markings of a spot or stripe, beautiful eyes, long ears, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. So have a good time as you browse, searching through this list of suggestions to see what may fit, because you will find that many of them really are adorable - enjoy the process - Meow!

More cute names listed on:

Cute Kitten Names


List of Cat Names For Cute Cats

User Submitted Cute Cat Names

My Angel 12.28.2017 For the cat name Angel She is a true Angel, I will always remember my beautiful tortoiseshell cat that I grew up with... Angel More about Angel
Cute descriptive name 09.10.2017 For the cat name Dot-Dot She only has 1 eye(1st dot). She also has a black dot on her backend(2nd dot). More about Dot-Dot
The story Lexi, kitty queen of sofa! 08.30.2017 For the cat name Lexi We adopted Lexi from the rspca so they chose the name and it suits her perfectly! She's really sweet and so gentle, she's never hurt anyone in all the time that we've had her. She's also really... More about Lexi
Idk what to call it 08.06.2017 For the cat name Cuddles I got my cat when it was a kitten, always seemed to want loved held but what kitten doesn't? So the name Cuddles cam to me. More about Cuddles
Gone fishing 07.22.2017 For the cat name Fish Bait Our cat Fish Bait loves to watch and swat at our fish aqruim tank. He entertain himself for hours.he often falls alseep on top of the tank with his front paws hanging over the side. He is so much fun. More about Fish Bait
Ross the actor 07.13.2017 For the cat name Ross His name comes from the movie the little rascals because my favorite character Buckwheat's real name is Ross More about Ross
My first cat...a wonderful Siamese! 06.05.2017 For the cat name Koshka Koshka was my very first Siamese cat. She was so smart and playful. We played hide and seek and a funny game of her attacking me from across the room with a flying jump into my arms. She liked to... More about Koshka
Alley Cat to Queen 04.29.2017 For the cat name Ditto When I bought Ditto home I had to do everything all over again bottle feeds, potty training, injections, socializing. My partners reaction was the same. "You're not keeping it find another home"- I... More about Ditto