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Recently Added Cat Names

Cat's Name Photo The Story Behind the Name
Tiny my tiny :-)

i called my cat tiny because he has always stayed soooooooooooooooo small and at first i did not know what to call him but then one day i ask my mom why is he so tiny compared to the others? and then i said WAIT....WE CAN CALL HIM TINY! and so thats how he got his name. :-)

bucca Bucca face

A silver persian that I adopted at 10 years old. He came with that name. He was the most perfect lap cat that was actually dog like in the sense he would follow me from room to room. And if I went into a room where I closed the door he would wait outside for me. I feel in love with the name just like I fell in love with the cat. He was the most beautiful cat I've ever had with the most perfect Persian face.

Angel My Angel

She is a true Angel, I will always remember my beautiful tortoiseshell cat that I grew up with... Angel

Evette Me-mew My cat Evettw Me-mew

Evette me-mew always looking for where the boys are.Named after Evette Mimieux the blonde star of THE film where the boys are.

Feral Beuller He came to us as a feral cat. an d stayed to love us.

I named him Feral because he was thought to be a feral cat. After he made his way into our home is so spoiled and is the baby.He always has a day off. So We made his name Feral Beuller

Buffy First Cat in My Life

Buffy was my first cat ever. We adopted him as a kitten and he was with us for almost 19 years. He was a great cat!

Ice Head (I said) I SAID COME HERE

A friend of mine had a cat named "I SAID" It was kind of funny when he called him: "I SAID come here" and he did! So it kind of sounded like "ICE HEAD"

Maronita How the name Maronita came about


Around the time the I got Maronita, I started attending Mass at the Maronite Catholic Church. I grew to love St. Maron who organized the Maronite Catholics together. When I got the cat she had the name Zoey but I decided to rename her after St. Maron. St. Maron was a man so I decided to add "ita" to feminize the name as "Anita" is a feminine name so she became "Maronita"

Mittens Mittens the Cat

MITTENS THE CAT is white with black paws *shrugs* that simple.

K-Hole and Trubbles My husband chose their name

My husband actually named both cats. On the bottom is Khloe. However, when he created the name tag, he misspelled the name and that's how K-Hole got her name. My husband also named the other kitty after watching how the cat played and caused minor problems. One time she was on top of the wash machine watching her sister on the floor. She watched for a few minutes and jumped on top of her sister, tackling her to the floor! And that's how Trubbles got her name.

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