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Popular Cat Names

Sometimes it's hard to improve on the more familiar or traditional names for your cat or kitten. And while it's novel to consider a different or new-fangled fancy name, many times as owners you will find yourself drawn back to choosing the basic, more straightforward pet names. And that's OK!

Many kitty names including Mittens, Ginger, and Pepper are much loved for a good reason. They are easy to say, cats learn them quickly and they fit many felines perfectly.


The following list is comprised of 105 popular cat names that have stood the test of time and will work well for your adopted cat no matter what breed, or whether he or she is a boy or a girl kitty. 

This page of the site will help give your family the best information from which to search, browse, and make the best choice to give your cat a name that is popular and well liked by many people.

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