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Description / meaning of the cat name Tiger:

President Calvin Coolidge

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hi, i have 7 cats 5 are

hi, i have 7 cats 5 are baby's their names are tinker , thistle, squeaker, Halloween Jr.,and tiger.the grown ups names are the dad is Halloween,and sissy the mom the dad and thistle, squeaker, Halloween Jr. are all Russian blues.tinker and sissy and tiger are Siamese cats.thanks and meow out!!!.

Bear is a Grey-black cat with

Bear is a Grey-black cat with green eyes. We call him Bear-Bear; the name he responds to. He plays fetch/volleyball with paper balls. He was named this as a kitten due to his "bear"-like nose. I've had black cats my whole life and they always been the more attentive/intuitive cats in my home. Not a follower of folklore or wiccan tendencies........just love these sweet caring felines. Maybe its cause of a small black statue of Bastet that's resided in our home. She's brought us: Tigger (Tight) Bear (Bear-Bear)....Tiger (Ti-Ti...a rescue that we didn't intend on keeping but, he's ours now :)..)With and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Wolfie..the baby). Blessed by my 4 boys...daily.

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