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Pandora is a figure in Greek

Pandora is a figure in Greek mythology.

She was said to be the first woman on earth, created by the God Hephaestus at the request of the God Zeus. Zeus wished to counteract the blessing of fire, which had been stolen from the Gods by the Titan Prometheus and given to human beings.

Pandora was endowed by the Gods with every attribute of beauty and goodness and was sent to Epimetheus, who was happy to have her for his wife, although he had been warned by his brother Prometheus never to accept anything from Zeus.

In bestowing their gifts on Pandora, the Gods had given her a box, warning her never to open it... Of course her feminine curiosity finally overcame her (what a surprise!!) and she opened the mysterious box!! Immediately innumerable plagues for the body and sorrows for the mind were released into the world and in terror she tried to shut the box... In doing so she managed to trap the one good thing among the many evils... Hope. So the comfort to humanity in all its misfortunes remained.

In another legend ~ and one that I prefer!!! The box contained blessings that would have been preserved if Pandora had not allowed them to escape.


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