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We don't have any history, definition or meaning data for the cat name "Booger" yet! Please help out by adding what you know about "Booger" using the comment section below:

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My cats name is booger, and

My cats name is booger, and we named him that because of the black dot just right under his nose. It's cute and the cat doesn't have to be green to have the name Booger wth. I love boooooger my babbyyy

My parents had a female black

My parents had a female black and white long-haired cat named Booger from she was a kitten in 1991 until her death in 2006. Booger got her name from my brother's girlfriend's 10-year-old daughter when she was a kitten due to a mark on the nose. Booger mostly lived in my parent's garage most of her life.

Calling Booger a character would be an understatement. Booger would do the following:
1. Yowl at you if you had your food in front of her.
2. Grab your leg when you walked away from her.
3. Watch people in the house through the window from the garage (I wonder she was attempting to study human behavior).
4.Visit with my mom when she was outside gardening.
5.When you came out in the garage, she would run up to you.
6.Constantly flop on the ground, wanting a belly scratch.
7.Play keep-away with a ball when throwing the ball.
8.Particpate in human conversations. My dad and I were talking in the garage. Booger sitting between us on the trunk of the car. When my dad and I stopped talking, Booger would udder a happy "rrrrhaaaawwwh!"
9.Swear at the person who lets her in the garage when she is left outside all night.
10. Swear at the dog.
11. Strike a smug pose when having her picture taken. I even took a picture of her lying on the roof of a black car. The picture turned out where a mirror image of her face was on the surface of the roof of the car. Quite cool!
12. Wanted human attention about 99.99% Of the time.
13. Would say "NO!" if she didn't like something you said.
14. Answer you when you asked her a question.
15. Pretended to ignore my brother while looking at his reflection in the sliding glass door, twitching her tail.

HEY......What's wrong with

HEY......What's wrong with Booger! That's my cat's name and he earned it because he's such a Booger!

I knew a cat named boogers.

I knew a cat named boogers. He had a huge splotch on his nose. We all thought it was a cute name....the cat didn't care!



BOOGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! What

BOOGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the????!! Is the cat GREEN or something? Because that's just plain mean!!

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