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My cat Evettw Me-mew 12.27.2017 Unusual Cat Names

Evette me-mew always looking for where the boys are.Named after Evette Mimieux the blonde star of THE film where... Read more

He came to us as a feral cat. an d stayed to love us. 12.27.2017 Unusual Cat Names

I named him Feral because he was thought to be a feral cat. After he made his way into our home is so spoiled and is... Read more

A Little Introduction To Cat Names Meow!

Is there anything cuter, or more special and boisterous than a kitten, or more graceful and lovely than a cat? They are animals of great beauty, wonderful pets, companions, and friends to have around the house and live with.

With that in mind, it's important when searching for kitty names to choose one that you both really like, and that is suitable.

To keep the naming process fun and easy for you, we have broken the names into easy to read categories listed on the left so you can browse quickly to find that perfect cat name.

When choosing a cat name, keep in mind you can:

  • Find names that match your cat's personality
  • Give your cat a name that reflects, and is possibly related, to your own interests or hobbies
  • Pick several favorites and try them out on your new cat or kitten
  • Call names out loud and see if your cat responds to any of them - or at least looks at you!
  • Cats tend to respond better to one and two syllable words
  • Encourage your entire family to take part in the naming process

Other Things People Like To Do On This Site:

  • Cat Health & Naming Tips - For more tips on naming your cat, training your cat to come to its new name, plus cat health and care articles
  • Great Resources - Find one-of-a-kind pet gifts including books, products, food, supplies, and services with our list of links on this page
  • Dog Names Woof - If you have a new dog or puppy that needs a name, view our other website, it's a MUST to visit! What's good about this site is that it will help you organize your thinking when picking a name that will last your new adopted friend day by day for a long time. Since it's been found that cats can live up to 15 years or more, it's important for owners to select fitting cat names no matter what their cat's breed; if they have long hair or short, from a small baby kitten to a big older tabby cat.

If you are starting out with a brand new kitten, picture them in a year or two and make sure the name you choose today fits them next year. To help you out, you will find well over 2000 names on this site that include human given names, objects, places, historic and exotic names, or even names from the movies.

This Site is Always Adding Free New Cat Names and Information!

Simply because the possibilities are endless, Cat Names Meow is continually adding a lot more original, different, popular, favorite names and meanings for your furry felines as we grow this site each month. We are also regularly adding more information, articles, and stories that we hope you find helpful. 

Because we are always updating our names and information, make sure you bookmark* this site, and come back often to visit us and see what's going on! You can also share, by making sure your friends, family and co-workers are visiting us if they need names for their cats too; just send them an email that shows our web address.

So get started, play around, and have fun.....MEOW!

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    Mac users: Option + D

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