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Siamese Cat Names

Siamese cats have fascinated people around the world ever since they were first officially exported from Siam, now known as Thailand, in the late 1800s.

Their striking color contrast, deep blue eyes, and short silky coats are combined with acute intelligence, an inquisitive personality, and a loving nature. 

Siamese kitties are simply wonderful pets to have, because they are very affectionate with the people they live with, and they can even be trained to do tricks such as playing "fetch" with a rolled up sock.

Our list of Siamese cat names is authentic and each name has a translation next to it. The names are a mixture of different things but include given names, places in Thailand, and things like flowers, gemstones, money, and warriors' names.

If you're looking for a real Siamese name for your feline, you will almost certainly find it here.

List of Cat Names For Siamese Cats

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Anna may wong  
Ashes and Smokey  
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User Submitted Siamese Cat Names

Asia Perfect Siamese name 06.12.2015 For the cat name Asia Split up A & Siamese & named my cat Asia More about Asia
The spoiled one in the family (and he KNOWS it) 06.12.2015 For the cat name Rolo All of our pets over the years have had a food/candy name (Reeses, Kiwi, Werther's, Smores, Oreo and now Rolo). Our male Siamese has seal point colors which made us think of chocolate (the dark brown... More about Rolo
Buff 05.14.2015 For the cat name Kado Best friends name was Kado and she died And I will never forget her name because She was a wonderful person and I loved Her very very much. Never forget More about Kado
Named my cat because he loved tuna 05.09.2015 For the cat name Sushi My beloved Siamese (who is no longer with me) just loved tuna, so I named him Sushi. I had him for 18 wonderful years. More about Sushi
Orphan black 05.06.2015 For the cat name Kasima This is my favorite character off the british t.v. show Orphan Black. More about Kasima
Goddess of Love 04.29.2015 For the cat name Venus I am getting a new little female chocolate point kitten, and after much thinking about it, the old, old song, from my youth came into my thoughts: 'Venus, goddess of love that you are' I looked up... More about Venus
Sienna the perfect Siamese cat name 04.29.2015 For the cat name Sienna Sienna is a perfect name for a Seal Point or Chocolate Point Siamese, it is Italian for earth, which is the reason it's perfect for those Siamese since they are earth colors! More about Sienna
Chloe.....the purrfect name 04.29.2015 For the cat name Chloe I named my Seal Point Siamese Chloe after my favorite perfume Chloe Narrcise. I always try to name my cats with names that have something to do with me. Chloe is also such a cute name for a kitten... More about Chloe