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Orange Cat Names

What most of the general public would call an "orange" cat, true cat fanciers use the term "red" for the color.

There are also different kinds of orange (red) cats that can be found. A "red tabby" has orange stripes on a cream ground color. The orange stripes may be dark reddish orange, or light "marmalade" orange.

Interestingly enough there is not a "truly solid orange" cat because the tabby pattern is not totally suppressed in orange cats, so you might see indistinct "shadow" tabby markings if you search for them in the right light. Also, some people think that color orange is gender specific to males, but that is not true.

But which ever type of orange cat you have, you still need a name that fits your boy or girl kitty - right?! Well, as you read and view the list on this page, you will find more than 100 richly colorful pet names for orange cats. Whether your loving feline friend is a beautiful solid or a stunning multicolored, all the names found here are as full of personality and character as most orange cats are - Meow!

List of Cat Names For Orange Cats

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User Submitted Orange Cat Names

Be Honest 03.22.2016 For the cat name This the story of my cat My Cat's Name is Beauty
Hendrix the orange tabby 03.13.2016 For the cat name Hendrix I adopted Hendrix from a shelter in 2011. He was a big gentle orange tabby. On March 10, 2012, he had surgery for a UTI and died from cardiac arrest two days later on March 12, 2012. I don't know why... More about Hendrix
My Spencer 01.28.2016 For the cat name Spencer I Love the tv show Criminal minds and my favorite character is Spencer Reid. So when I adopted my orange tabby I named him Spencer. More about Spencer
The amazing kitten 01.23.2016 For the cat name Riddick We had 7 kittens at first but 6 of them died and 1 surviver and from the film Riddick he was a great surviver and now our kitten is healthy More about Riddick
Famous kitty 01.23.2016 For the cat name Kitty Purry I got it from a singer Katy Perry and her music video ROAR on the tiger's collar it says it. More about Kitty Purry
Lovely the cat 11.26.2015 For the cat name Lovey She is very loving and sweet. She also loves to play. This name says it all for a sweet and loving cat. More about Lovey
Oliver and company 11.13.2015 For the cat name Oliver I love Disney and I adopted the orange stray tabby just like from Oliver and Company! I thought it fit perfectly and now he has a loving home. I love his name so many nicknames and it just perfect... More about Oliver
Hp 11.09.2015 For the cat name Crookshanks I love Harry Potter More about Crookshanks