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Orange Cat Names

What most of the general public would call an "orange" cat, true cat fanciers use the term "red" for the color.

There are also different kinds of orange (red) cats that can be found. A "red tabby" has orange stripes on a cream ground color. The orange stripes may be dark reddish orange, or light "marmalade" orange.

Interestingly enough there is not a "truly solid orange" cat because the tabby pattern is not totally suppressed in orange cats, so you might see indistinct "shadow" tabby markings if you search for them in the right light. Also, some people think that color orange is gender specific to males, but that is not true.

But which ever type of orange cat you have, you still need a name that fits your boy or girl kitty - right?! Well, as you read and view the list on this page, you will find more than 100 richly colorful pet names for orange cats. Whether your loving feline friend is a beautiful solid or a stunning multicolored, all the names found here are as full of personality and character as most orange cats are - Meow!

List of Cat Names For Orange Cats

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apple pie  
apple pie  
Archie baxter  
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User Submitted Orange Cat Names

Snookys steaming Easter gift on the window sill. 07.24.2014 For the cat name Snooky I got my little fuzzy friend Snooky,when I seen a ad in a paper saying free kittens ,one long hair. Well Snooky was the long haired kitty. I had him for about 15yrs. He's still healthy. He can have a... More about Snooky
The now happy cat 07.20.2014 For the cat name Kaiden My cat kaiden was sadley abused and beaten and had to fen for himself when my grandmother threw bread put for the birds it would gone over night i have seen the cat drink out of the pool many times... More about Kaiden
Sunshine 07.20.2014 For the cat name Sunshine We named her sunshine because of her yellow /orange like colors it's fits her perfectly and she responds to it . More about Sunshine
best kitty 07.17.2014 For the cat name podgy adopted from the spca, he was so grateful for love that he purred and kneaded the carpet for 2 days.. was a super great cat.. sadly traffic took him More about podgy
Lola 07.09.2014 For the cat name Lola we were trying to come up with a name for our new cat but couldn't come up with one. so for a while we were calling her "Kitty" but then i realized her meows sounded weird, like she was saying... More about Lola
Surviving tiger 07.05.2014 For the cat name Tiger it's so hard to find a cats name, and when I saw the name tiger it just stuck out to me. I found my little girl in the weeds outside, starving and infested with bugs, fleas, and ticks. She was about... More about Tiger
Swampy 07.02.2014 For the cat name Scampy My cat More about Scampy
my silly Doogle kitty 07.02.2014 For the cat name Doogle we were looking up names of cats online when we got our ginger kitty, we didnt like the the usual ones and he was a really funny cat so we wanted something funny. we were watching "Fr Ted" a show... More about Doogle