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Female Cat Names

Is there anything more exciting and fun than a new cat or kitten? They add so much to the family, in fact they can make a house a home. So of course you want to give your new found feline friend the perfect name; something they can happily live with for years to come.

With the endless amount of possible names for girl cats, there was no way we could get them all mentioned here, but we continue searching and adding, and we have included as many select names for your pet (or pets) as we can and they are totally free.

We have created quite a varied list of names for female cats to choose from, any of which will be good for a young kitten, or older cat. 

When picking out names for your new friend, you can always begin by looking at their appearance or characteristics and see if something will fit them. Are they a special breed, do they have long hair? Do they like to play a lot with different things, or have some cute way of walking or expressing themselves that clearly shows itself? Do they find original ways that shows off their sweet or special personality? Or perhaps their care and love for their newly adopted human friend is highly apparent?

Some names posted on this page are historic, or from the movies, old family names, people and baby names that have interesting meanings, and others are just purely different, but what's important is that they can spark ideas as you read them. Overall, we hope this page has what you need to get started naming your favorite new female kitty, so take your time, and browse all you want!

List of Cat Names For Females

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User Submitted Female Cat Names

peaches 02.16.2015 For the cat name Peaches Beautiful yellow kitty love the name peaches More about Peaches
Kitty Pearl 02.15.2015 For the cat name Kitty Pearl My cat was black and white, and her markings made me think of old-fashioned names. Pearl is an old--fashioned name, and Kitty Pearl was a play on words for Minnie Pearl. More about Kitty Pearl
Adventure 02.12.2015 For the cat name Simba He's Weird also he's named after a guy in the lion king More about Simba
Pompom 02.04.2015 For the cat name Pom Pom well when i saw photos of a litter of rag doll's i saw a certain cat (the one which i brought) she looked like a massive ball of fluff. First i thought Milo or Snowflake and well Pompom is really... More about Pom Pom
Betty White 02.01.2015 For the cat name Miss Betty White We just adopted a white cat from the Humane Society. They call her Ivy. We wanted to rename her and the name just came to me. It was meant to be! She is pure white and funny as can be. Plus who doesn... More about Miss Betty White
My cat name 02.01.2015 For the cat name Shazel I used to have a cat nameed Shazel. She was a female but we gave her away. So i decided to tell this name to you guys! Thanks for liking or seing this name. More about Shazel
cats name 01.26.2015 For the cat name pudding pie I don't really have a story for my cats name for some reason that's the first name that popped into my head! More about pudding pie
Milky the cat 01.24.2015 For the cat name Milky Milky is a black and white female cat. When I first saw her as a kitten she had a white stripe above her lip which looked like she had just drank milk and forgot to lick it off. More about Milky